Behind the Scenes: My Worst Month Ever

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Well, it’s been a while huh? :-) I started to write a post on Instagram about this but I decided it might get a little long and get overlooked. So here we go. My September was ROUGH. And I mean I-only-sold-2-small-pieces-in-one-month kind of ROUGH. After an amazingly busy summer, in September my sales just stopped. I didn’t know what happened (still don’t) but I kinda had a secret meltdown behind the scenes here. I started to completely doubt everything I was doing, applied to a bunch of jobs and even met with a very nice man in a different (but similar) industry to see if that was the direction I should go in. Maybe even go back to school? I’m serious…A MELTDOWN.

Luckily, this nice man talked me down from the ledge. Just like my husband had told me before, he said he thought I was way further along than I think I am. Not to give up. I walked away feeling like a million bucks. (Thanks Joe!) That same day, I received a HUGE order for 7 pieces. Today I was contacted by an art consultancy in Paris. What?! That one definitely left me feeling all kinds of fancy. In the blink of an eye my whole outlook changed.

Looking back, I was in fight or flight mode. My husband had just changed jobs and started working for a non-profit. Our budget was being squeezed a little bit. Add my slow month and my mind started catastrophizing. Pretty crazy how quickly self-doubt sets in once things aren’t going as planned. Thank goodness I had saved up about 6 months in operating costs and was never in any real danger. But it was a stressful time for sure. And I sure as hell didn’t pay myself much.

My point to this is that I want to be real with all of my friends, family and anyone else that is following my AIMM journey. What I’m doing basically feels like riding a roller coaster ALL THE TIME and that’s not always what is projected on the screen. I think as people we have a natural tendency not to want to be a whiner on social media so we stick to posting the good stuff. But believe me, there are real tears sometimes. Just this past Saturday I spent the entire day at a West Elm pop-up and sold nothing. Yep, not one thing. No tears were shed because I know that happens sometimes but I was disappointed in myself for wasting a Saturday that could have been spent with my family.

October is shaping up to be a great month. So I think (and hope!) September was a fluke. God help my poor husband if it wasn’t. Either way, it feels good to write this down and know that if this happens again I won’t be so shattered knowing that everything is going to be ok in the end.


  1. Samantha March 20, 2017

    I totally laughed when reading the first paragraph of this – as soon as things slow down for me I have a meltdown and apply for a million jobs and consider going back to school, haha! It never fails.


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