Adrift In My Mind Etsy Shop!

I started playing around with woodworking last year around the time I found out that Whimseybox was moving to Boulder, CO and I was going to be out of a job. It has been about a year now and this thing that started out as an itch I had to scratch has turned into something that I can’t not do. Hope that makes sense.

The funny thing is, I have never considered myself very “crafty” at all. I kind of joked all the time that I was the opposite actually. Even though the past several years of my life have kind of revolved around crafty folks, I never considered myself part of the club. But what I’m doing now just clicks. I am not by any means an excellent woodworker and I’ve taught myself everything by trial and error. There are surely better ways to do some of the things I am doing, but for now it works.

So, I’m putting myself out there and opened an Etsy shop with count them…2 items for sale! I will be adding more as quickly as my hands can make them, but I hope you like what is there now. I also have a meeting tomorrow with a really awesome shop that I totally admire to talk about some of the things I am making. Not sure if anything will come of it, but I’ll be sure to report back here if it does. Here’s what I have up in the shop so far.


This is listed as a coffee table, but could be hung as a wall panel also.


This one is my favorite for sure. This took a lot of work to get everything lined up correctly and the colors right, but I love the result.


This is an Instagram photo of the panel before I cut off the edges. I think it looks pretty cool this way, too!

I’ll be sure to update here when I post new things in the shop. Go have a look at Adrift In My Mind and let me know what you think!