Tools: My Top 3 And How I Use Them.

Some women will ask for a nice handbag or jewelry for anniversaries, birthdays or other holidays. And I’m all about that, too. But I kid you not. I asked for tools for about 2 straight years in order to build up my workshop! Of course I have more than the 3 you see here, but I’m going to share the ones I use the most and how I use them to create my pieces of artwork.

My Top 3 Tools And How I Use Them!

#1 Compound Miter Saw

Ridgid Miter Saw

The miter saw is by far the machine I spend most of my time with. And all those 45 degree cuts you see on my work? This is the tool for the job! With a quick swivel of the miter table, you can make cuts from 0-50 degrees. I was super intimidated the first time I rented one of these from Home Depot. But after just a few cuts I got the hang of it.

#2 Jigsaw


If you’ve ever seen a photo of my work in progress, then you know I leave the edges of my pieces jagged. I do this because it is difficult (though not impossible!) to get the edges lined up just so. With a steady hand, I use a jigsaw to cut off the edges to get it ready to be framed.

#3 Belt Sander


This tool changed my life you guys. I never even knew what I was missing! After I use the jigsaw to cut off the edges of my pieces, I go over it with a belt sander to get the edges as smooth and as even as possible to get them ready for framing. This tool is also helpful for stripping paint or finish off the surfaces of wood.

And there you have it. These are my top 3 tools and a basic explanation of how I use them to create my pieces of art. Have a more specific question about my process? I’m all ears!